Tuesday, November 24, 2009


What a journey! I really enjoyed each of the activities and look forward to exploring each of them again when I have the time. I have learnt so much and as I said at the beginning of the course: the learning curve was steep. The only problem is that I've come to the realisation that I know so little and I feel very overwhelmed about the endless possibilities that web2 has to offer. However this course has given me the confidence to approach tasks and explore what I may use to benefit my teaching. Thank you.

activity 23 and 24

Ebooks and Audiobooks. Loved this concept. I'm not one to read long novels but would love the idea of someone else doing the reading. Lazy me but can see so many benefits for students with special needs. This may help them generate interest in stories.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Activity 20 Podcasting

I found the educational podcasting site the most valuable. After exploring the first to listed I found I was sorting through alot of rubbish and found it difficult to find something of interest. I then found history podcasts and they also have a RSS feed so I can find out when new podcasts are posted. Like the Teacher tube I look forward to searching for many more podcasts I can use in the classroom.

Activity 21 Teacher Tube

Posted a video on How to make a mummy! Will be great to use with year 7 History. It is funny and gross and the boys will love it. Looking forward to finding many more videos. Can definately see me using this in the classroom. Educational and different delivery. I finally know how others have done this now. Still not sure if the Video clip is meant to come up directly on the blog or just the link.



Activity 19 Rollyo

I'm starting to feel a little overwhelmed. Rollyo seems good, I like organising my favourites lists. I did so with the travel sites I visit all the time. Would love to create a parenting searchroll when I have more time.

Wikki Activity

Wow! At first I didn't really understand how wikkipedia was an example. When I looked through the educational wikkis I was amazed how excited I was to do this with my class. The sample school wikki was inspiring. This teacher is giving students dynamic, collaborative opportunities. I can see how students would enjoy having this opportunity. Although I will need some help getting started this is something I would love to eventually try.