Monday, September 14, 2009

Google books

I loved the search engine for Google books. I loved the fact you could see the covers of the books if you wanted. This helped jog your memory if you were looking for something and you remembered seeing the cover. Google books has everything you could want when trying to find a book. It made me think: How does all this information get on the computer? Is it manually put on by people? What a job! More people need to use such a fantastic tool.

Week 3 activities: Google Docs

I think I have the posting down pat? After all I did say I was on a steep learning curve.
After reading some of the other participants postings I decided I hadn't really explored all the posibilities Google docs had to offer. I went back in and I think I sucessfully shared a file with a friend but still waiting to hear from her. I also checked out the templates the others were talking about were amazed at the possibilities. I loved the photo album ideas and cannot wait to give them a try.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Activity 5 and 6!
I've finally worked out this posting business.
I really enjoyed exploring google docs. I've had some experience with google maps before but since I'm going on a family holiday next week I used this time to really explore the maps and areas of the Gold Coast.
Google docs was an eye opener. This word document software was easy to use, and I can really see the other benefits. No updating of versions and being able to share and edit work easier.
Activity 4:
I found this activity confusing. I had to read the information several times before some of the information sunk in.
I'm feeling a little lost!
I've completed activity 4 and 5 but they seem to be compressed under my Week 1 comments.
I'm trying this new way of posting and hope this works